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The ESP32 -S3 takes the ESP to a new level, packing as it does more I/O, onboard USB ... 1.06v 1023 count any higher input and it stay at 1024 1.0 v 966 0.9v 865 0.8v 772 0.7v 675 0.6v 579 0.5v 481 0.4v 387 0.3v 292 0.2v 195 0.1v 95 0 ... example. After much reading and poking around, the esp32 ADC is a all over the place,.

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ESP32 Breakout Board ESP32 Development Board ESP32 Evaluation Board Single Board Computer with DAC, ADC , I2C, SPI. ... 12 x ADC input channels; 2 x DAC; 2 x I2C; PWM/timer input /output available on every GPIO pin; ... [email protected ]. channel 6 news live at 5; fireclay farmhouse sink 24; the devil went down to georgia genius.

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The datasheets for other microcontrollers normally say: non-linearity: + - 1 LSB, that is 1/4096 of the full range. SAR ADCs (successive approximation) have this high linearity by design, and according to the datasheet the ESP32 works also with a SAR-ADC. So the problem must be the analog amplifier/attenuator, that does not work rail to rail.

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